PEX Manifolds for Solid Plumbing Construction

Some of you have probably heard the term PEX pipe, PEX tube, PEX piping, etc and some have probably been confused about the differences of those things. Now I tell you that all those names have the same meaning. If you want to know what PEX means, PEX is the short terms for Cross-linked (hence, “X”) PolyEthylene (PE) and created during the eXtrusion process by forming links between molecules. The cross-linking process will improve the chemical and temperature performance ratings of the polymer. The result is polymer which has much higher flexibility and extra strength. Unlike general piping, PEX pipe is made from HDPE, which is a short for High Density Poly Ethylene and PEX tubing goes under many other name, such as PEX pipe, PEX tube, PEX piping, etc. All of these have the same meaning.

Plumbing in general is very much needed in fields of watering system. In a wider side, plumbing applications, PEX manifold, acts as a distribution center of a plumbing or radiant heating system and is always a distribution (supply) type manifold, which separates the water flow from the main inlet and delivers water to designated locations.

PEX Plumbing (pex manifold for Plumbing) is considered the fastest, the most efficient and the easiest way to distribute the hot and cold water through the PEX lines is by using the PEX plumbing manifolds. Many of the models are available with PEX inlets/outlets, as well as left and right hand models (specific for Home-Run plumbing systems). For you reference, Sioux Chief Designs are very different from the others. With exception of the valved models, all Sioux Chief Manifolds have one-piece solid construction, thus reducing the chances of leakage to zero.

While Radiant Heat Manifolds, the PEX manifolds have designed for certain kinds of purposes and provides a lot more additional features such as system filling/drainage, air elimination, shut-off on both supply & return sides and many others.


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