Global Grin Press Release

Ever since chickens started crossing roads, humans have been telling hilarious jokes to cheer each other’s spirits and make the world a happier place. Global Grin offers an open mic in the planet’s largest virtual comedy club to aspiring comedians in every nook and cranny of the world.

Built on the premise that everyone loves a hilarious joke, Global Grin was created in January 2010 by Scott Harrah to expose the diversity of humor around this third rock from the sun that we call home. Global Grin is the premiere destination to enjoy jokes from every culture. With more than 200,000 users, visitors to the website can browse jokes by country and discover the amusingly different strains of humor that each locale has to offer.

Everyone from family funny men to aspiring stand ups can use Global Grin to share laughs. Even five-year old Chloe shows amateur comedians a thing or two with her adorable delivery of a joke called “Computer” in which she asks why the computer went to the doctor and then innocently answers, “because it had a virus.”   Visitors looking for Short Clean Jokes can click on “Laughing” within the “All Ages” category to hear about a minute of playful laughter from a user in India that’s sure to make any listener smile.

Men and women trying to break into stand up comedy can use Global Grin as a forum to hone their material and improve their craft. One user from Italy practices his best President impersonation in a short but playful bit about George W. Bush trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle of a tiger. Users and members alike can post comments on any joke, letting owners know how they can improve their delivery, timing and content. Users may also use the comments field to share what they like about any joke.

The Global Grin community is growing daily as users from around the world create accounts and upload hilarious jokes in either an audio or video format. The site’s user-friendly upload interface makes it exceedingly easy to add and share jokes. Users rank jokes, making it simple for visitors to search for jokes by popularity. Visitors can also search for jokes by country and then may narrow their results to categories like “All Ages,” “Teens,” “Rants & Raves” and “Over-18.”

Hilarious jokes are available in English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, French and Italian. As the Global Grin community grows, so will the languages in which laughs are shared. Canada, Italy, India and the United States are some of the countries currently represented on Global Grin but founder Scott Harrah encourages people everywhere to log on and share jokes until every country is represented. Users can register as members or upload jokes in audio or video format anonymously.

One visit to Global Grin quickly shows how it is becoming the place where kids, adults and even dogs can make their jokes heard around the world.


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