Matt Dallio

Who doesn’t know Matt Dallio? Matt Dallio is the founder of China Care Foundation, Inc. and President of its Board of Directors. The foundation is a kind of organizations which help many Chinese orphans suffer from their difficulty, especially for those who have “special-imperfect”. The organization itself was founded at 2000 and the main purpose is helping these Chinese orphans gain a better future.

Because of this lofty purpose, not wonder that Matt Dallio honored with Fulbright Award by One to Worlds for his outstanding international leader in humanitarian action and the fabulous thing is he is the youngest person who ever receive the awards. The awards itself was held in June 2008 and Matt Dallio is not alone. He is accompanied with Emily Altman, Barbara Crossette and Kevin E. Parker who also received the awards.

Small at the beginning, huge at the ends as people said, nowadays the foundations are getting bigger and bigger. Matt Dallio as the Board Directors of the foundation has proven to the world that pure intention of helping orphans no matter how small it is if followed with pure heart will make great effect which can generate others to help one another. Nowadays, over 2 million wealthy people donate for the foundation persistence.


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