Handling Family Manners

I love my family, I really appreciate our moments together each and everyday of my life. It happens that I like having meals, and i like cooking as much as that too, but caused by my daily activities working in office, I don’t really have much time to do my cooking hobby. By weekend I usually use this moment to do my hobby, enjoy the family’s togetherness, and giving extra relaxing time for my wife.

Though I often come home at seven, but still I do my best to support my wife’s daily routine. If  I can describe, our relationship has been like a very solid partners in all matters. At nights after dinner, I will help her handling these kitchen things. Cleaning the tables, washing the dishes, and off course managing the trash and throw them orderly to trash compactor bags.

At those times my wife always looking at me and telling me like this ‘ honey, make sure to put all the trash there ( appointing the trash bags), don’t leave anything dirty on the table, we don’t want our babies dirt their hands and mess this house right?  ‘ . Yeah, I don’t wanna mess my house and more over I don’t want my kids to be ill by dirt disturbance 🙂 .

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